Stacy K

Swarming with frenzy, swirling with delight.

The Blue Ladder

I used to climb out of my window in my very first home. Mind you, the climb was steep. However there was never a feeling of feeling so free. I could breathe, I could see my dad working on his racecar and hear my mom working in the kitchen,… Most of all I could see all around me. The gravel road, the river down the bend, the field between and the hill running to it… and I was only brinking age five.

And then I’d hear the lawn mower start up… Upon the great vast (as how I saw it) backyard we’d follow my mom. I’d run from the top of the house, through my room, down the stairs, and find myself to my sister and I running behind the mower. The movies we could had a created would probably had been blockbuster. Nothing like those old summer days in the country. And then there was the ladder.

Oh the ladder. It at its first and foremost was brown. The day we painted it BLUE was quite an ordeal. The blue ladder…. Oh the places it could lead you to. The place it led me to was up the maple tree right by the near end of our driveway. I don’t know how a child could spend so many hours in a tree. How high can you climb? And funny enough, I’d be terrified of it at this day and time.. Me and that blue ladder became friends. This is life in the country. Cats, one dog, hills, trees, and a blue ladder.

You will never see a better sunset.

its in the meantime

yea, life lessons.

My birthday is rapidly approaching. When I was a little kid I remember looking in the mirror and wondering what I would look like when I was older. Here it is. Here I am. I am older. I AM older. You know, you would think that the life lessons that keep piling up over the decades would make the new life lessons easier. This current feeling. I know I’ve been here before. The meantime. What do you do in the meantime? The time between the before (past) and almost like between your next “future” the next chapter. Inner work. Ah yes, inner work. At times it’s great, it moves us forward, it reflects on the past, we learn from our mistakes, or try to. I am currently rolling my eyes. Like I said, I know I’ve been here before… the meantime, I have worked through it before, I came out with a new perspective, a better attitude! But here it is AGAIN! Another meantime to get through and I find myself questioning it more, wondering how many times I’ll be encountering this “meantime”. This time I am finding it incredibly difficult to find peace in letting go. I at times find that hope can also lead to disappointment. At times peoples opinions can really come out of the woodwork. Its surprising and sometimes a difficult pill to swallow to really know, I mean really know what some people think. To sense the conclusions being jumped to, the judgement of a situation (er you) so quickly. And what is surprising is when its the people who are “closest” to you. The realization that no one really knows you that well. The realization of what actually IS. How communication is such a fucked up thing. How someone can say one thing but the other person hears another. Learning that not everyone can hand out second chances. Learning that even if you’ve changed people can hold onto who you once were. That people can hold onto something you said years ago and use that to define you as a person. Learning about blame. Learning to forgive yourself. Learning to let go of an idea of what you thought was a possible reality. It’s in the meantime.. watch the traffic go by. Where is everyone going? There really are a lot of fucking people.

A List of Eleven

1. Why wear your gym shoes outside in the snow when you’re walking to the gym?

2. Do you believe in “The Lizard People”? AKA Reptilians. I first heard about the lizard people a few years ago while on tour. We played in St. Louis and while talking after hours this guy was dead set on the idea of reptilians. They lived underground, you had to be careful of the gutters, never walk home alone, ect. It wasn’t until Justin Bieber showed his reptilian eyes that I was reminded of these lizard folk. And so like any normal wikipedia search I read up on The Lizard People,.. who basically take over the world by either morphing into humans or controlling them somehow. By the looks of it, Beyonce has slowly shown her reptilian colors. Super Bowl photos from a few years back anybody? And so this easily lends itself into the next question. Do you think our children will have to vote on reptilian rights?

3. While watching the snow pile on an already well snow layered sidewalk, I saw two young guys carry skateboards, cross the street and enter a coffee shop. I wondered if they 1. Were actually skating and if so, how far were they really getting as just walking has been a real adventure 2. Were possibly drunk or high and thought it’d be a funny idea (I suppose you wouldn’t have to be drunk or high to think it was funny either) 3. Wanted to embrace a challenge? 4. Hard-core. 5. ??? Really didn’t know that skateboarding in snow wasn’t like skateboarding in non-snowy roads. These things, I do not know.

4. Maybe this long winter in MN is equally the same to the never changing weather in LA. Except their rain is our sun.

5. It’s weird how someone you’ve never met, will never meet, and are not related to looks exactly like you.

6. I was watching the olympics while working out (which made me feel proud of myself and equally like a wimp)..anyway I was watching the women’s speed skating and was just in awe of their physique. I mean lets be honest, these thighs are MIGHTY and made of pure ground shaking, earth shattering muscle. However, take a man who trains equally as hard for such event and he will always be stronger, bigger. He is in fact a man. SO because of this, we have male/female categories. This is my belief on the matter, you know? Its just the way it is, body talks. Which leads me to this question. What about transexuals? What category do you think is fair in regards to the olympics for transexuals to enter?

7. Do you believe in a predestined life or is it all happenstance?

8. I am excited to meet those I don’t already know and miss those that were once close.

9. If you could, would you really?

10. I don’t have a ten.

11. I just prefer the number eleven.


Time was right.

There are so many quotes:
Time, make it count. Time, it keeps ticking. Time, you never know how much you have. It goes on and on, (time that is).

To actually absorb and take anything in, takes time. There are bandaids and quick fix’s, but to really heal a scab wound takes time and you probably have the scars to prove it.

I think about things that have stood the test of time. Maybe really standing the test of time reflects the amount invested. Pyramids anybody? Just saying. I know I’m certainly guilty of taking time for advantage and for granted. The phrase is actually silly, “I didn’t have enough time”… because while anyone is saying that..time is still there. That phrase has nothing to do with time, it has everything to do with yourself.

And so thinking about what to do with time. It will always be there even after we cease to exist. Time could be the most egotistic out of us all. Giving all of us a big F you and saying “Hey man, I don’t need you, you need me!” Time was right.

Blue Lagoon.

Sometimes I fantasize about growing up in a completely different area. You know, I wonder what it would be like to have my roots somewhere else than the hearty Midwest where I picked rocks in fields, milked cows, got jiggers from Sleepy Eye Lake… Where I experienced a degree of two different lives.  You know, my mother lived in town and my dad was out on the farm.  However if you think distance in real terms, they really only lived like 7 miles from one another.  And yes, I did move around a bit as a child, but I really only moved from one house to another in the same city and state, always on the “wrong” side of town according to some highnosed “socialites” taking their seats in the front row pew at every early Sunday ass mass, while I’m standing up in front singing and making eyes with their son, both knowing the debauchery from the weekend. I guess we were all guilty. I had to bike across the railroad tracks to be on the “good” side of town. It was really dangerous after hours if you lived on the south side, yea, I’m hard-core. Me and my bike.  

I didn’t own a cellphone until I was 19 and my first car was a beat up old Chevy Malibu (it sounds cool, er WAS). That car originally moved a dead baby calf in the backseat (thanks dad?) and apparently also hit a deer (hence the dented drivers door) that was also moved but in the trunk, all before I received the privilege to the keys. Not that they were needed. A flathead screw driver opened the trunk, drivers seat door, and started the car.  The 15 year old me (farmers permit, yo!) decided to buy some materials from JoAnnes Fabric (which was an hour away) for the old car.  White shagged carpet for the ceiling and some soft green velvet to put across the bench seats.  I would throw in my homemade mix-tapes into the actual boom box and cruise main. I knew of nothing else.

And so I guess this just makes me wonder what it would had been like to grow up in some coastal town, where you know everything about the ocean, the sea, your dad was a sailor and your mother was a long haired hippie making crafts or something. Where you’d talk about the moon in regards to the tide.  I mean I had my fair share of woods wandering and staying in character all day long down by the Cottonwood River. But I will never know a history of another place, ya know? Maybe I just want to grow up on Blue Lagoon. Is that possible? 

Anyway, this world is in constant change, people want constant entertainment, technology is beyond me.  If my great grandmother were still alive I wonder what she would think, which in turn makes me wonder what I will think if I live to see 90 (I would try teleporting). One thing I question is if kids will ever get to that point of boredom where running outside in the open and nature is what you HAD to do in order to have fun. Or read an actual book, with paper, and it smelled like a library.  People today use so much technology to achieve.  Maybe its my roots from before this major technology craze or maybe its just because I believe in knowing how to do things without too much outside help besides spell-check.  Or maybe if I grew up somewhere else I’d feel differently. Then again, in Blue Lagoon they just ended up eating the damn poisonous red berries,.. 


Photography: Joseph Hendrickson, Stylist: Stephanie Marie Victoria Braun.

Photography: Joseph Hendrickson, Stylist: Stephanie Marie Victoria Braun.

Bob Dylan Tribute Show Halloween 2013.

Bob Dylan Tribute Show Halloween 2013.

SK Wednesdays at Cause, December 2013

SK Wednesdays at Cause, December 2013

SK 2013

Man, its been a while since I’ve logged into this account.  I have a 20 minute break and I’m going to update you. Reader read on the SK project thus far.

May’13-released hard copy of album Swarming in Frenzy, Swirling with Delight

June ‘13- released video for “Dream Song” (

July ‘13- released video for “Battle of Edmund” (  

At some date in spring/summer ‘13: Review from The Current: Are You Local: Breathy, gauzy, moody, pop.

And another date in spring/summer ‘13

CityPages Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week:

Local musician Stacy K recently released her debut full-length record, Swarming with Frenzy, Swirling with Delight, and this clip is taken from the centerpiece of that album, “Dream Song.” The video was directed by Sleepy Eye, Minnesota native Stephanie Braun, who perfectly captures the ethereal, haunting nature of the track. According to Braun, the clip was proudly shot on no budget, with all the shoot locations in Minnesota, and all the actors in the video from Minnesota as well. When combined with the gorgeous track itself, it’s certainly a winning combination that suggests good things are in store for Stacy K.

Somewhere along 2013: Started a mini-side project with Dave Mehling and Jason McGlone, called Mr.Dr.  Yes, thats mister doctor.  We recorded one song called “Do You Miss Me” and have a ton of others yet to be recorded (non avail online, are played live).

Sept ‘13: Played Beaners Central One Week Live in Duluth (one of my favorite places to play and visit!)

Oct ‘13: Sofar Sounds: Live at the Library Recording Studio (live review):

"Her vocals are spot on in pitch and style, and the whole show was honestly just fun to see and listen to."  Read full review here: 

Oct 31, Halloween: Played a Bob Dylan Tribute show at Lee’s! I was a man once again for the holiday :) 

Dec ‘13: SK WEDNESDAYS at Cause, MPLS. Residency at Cause on Wednesdays.
Dec ‘13: Live music video
There was plenty of other things happening in the middle of the list.  I went on a vacation which involved jumping on a ferry (1st timer),  I was robbed for the 1st time (dr), I moved (for the 1st time in almost 6 years!), so many recordings to be tampered with from the old basement  (that could be released at some point), worked with amazing people, had a lot of too much fun, grew up a little bit more and can still stand on my head. Here’s to the New Year!